Menallen Township Website Design

Menallen Township Website Design

Menallen Township needed a new Website to assist with a modern online presence, share information on social media, take job applications and distribute forms and plans. They approached Unit4media and we took care of them.

Previous Website

The Website Menallen Township had prior to working with Unit4media was a typical older website with a narrow and boxy presentation. The information displayed was largely text and links which were a bit difficult to quickly use or find. There were quite a few broken links and the features such as the event calendar really didn’t work that well or go anywhere. They were in need of some advice and direction so they could get information to their township, contractors and receive information as well.


Menallen Township already had a fantastic logo. They didn’t really know where it was stored or how to give it to Unit4 in file formats that we needed so we recreated the logo in multiple formats for future project use. Now we have Menallen Township logo ready to move forward on projects such as mailers, letter heads, video branding or even roadside billboards. We’ll keep our clients digital goods safe and ready for any kind of project.

Menallen Township History

So much wonderful history in Menallen Township that’s also the beginning of American History.

Menallen Township Points of Interest

New Menallen Township Website

Edge to edge screen real estate that resizes automatically to tablets or phones. Lots of pictures and icons to easily find information.

We’re excited how the new Website turned out and so are the staff at Menallen Township. Super easy to work with, they made requests and we filled them. Unit4media also put in some elements they didn’t even know the needed and now couldn’t live without. Events are easy to find and share on social media. Telephone numbers are links and ready to dial with a touch of the screen on a phone. Emails are easy to find and communicate with. Images are big and beautiful and show off the beauty that all residents in Menallen Township feel. Documents are available for download. Applications are able to be completed online. It’s a really great site and we love it. Menallen Township is a fantastic place to live. This was a great site to work on, thank you Menallen Township Supervisors and staff.

Somerset Trust Bank Building Uniontown, PA

This is real estate photography for the new bank built by Fairchance Construction and MountainCreek Properties.

Somerset Trust Bank Building Uniontown, PA

Developed by MountainCreek Properties and built by Fairchance Construction for Somerset Trust. For more information on commercial development contact Michael George at 724-970-3800 X 701. Online:

360 Degree Imagery was also taken

These 360 images embed on Websites and display natively on Facebook. It’s a fun way and modern to look around.

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