The Health Insurance Store

Commercial Media Shoot

We captured Video, Staff Portraits and 360 photography for this client.

Commercial Staff Photo Shoot

Great group of people to work with. Owner Aaron Zolbrod and his staff at were awesome to work with. We had a great photo shoot right at The Health Insurance Store. Unit4media brought in a small footprint lighting studio and shot high quality head shots to be used for social media marketing and created videos of the business as well. It was a wonderful experience and we look forward to working with Aaron Zolbrod and The Health Insurance Store more in the future.

Professional Head Shots

Head shots were taken so employees could use images on The Health Insurance Store Website, Facebook business page, emails, LinkedIn personal pages or however they would like to be used to market their services.

Unit4media also created Commercial Videos

During our shoot we also created some short videos with interviews and B-roll to introduce the viewers to the people and give them an idea of the office spaces and general feel of the company. These videos will be embedded on The Health Insurance Store Website and used on their social media pages and YouTube business page.

360 Degree Imagery was also taken

These 360 images embed and display natively on Facebook. It’s a fun way and modern to look around.

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