DSLR Cinema Wedding Documentaries

Unit4media specializes in archiving your wedding day with DSLR cinema cameras and professional HD camcorders. We capture sound with wireless lapel microphones and shotgun microphones. We have multiple shooters with tripods and monopods to get the best shots possible. We feature full edits of your day with footage that includes getting ready, ceremony, reception entrance, best man and matron toasts, cutting of the cake, first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, bouquet and garter toss and wedding highlight edit. All this will be contained in your personal wedding portfolio gallery with all the videos to be shared, viewed and downloadable in full 720p HD.

View an example of our Standard Wedding Documentary Package:

Personal Online Wedding Video GalleryYour personal Wedding Video Gallery

Your personal wedding gallery features all the videos from your wedding day along with the ability to comment and share with social media, watch on any device or computer as well as being able to download the full 720p HD version that is being presented.

Wedding Highlight Video in full HD

Presenting your day better than you remember it.

We capture and present your day with one of a kind documentaries. We work with you before filming and get your ideas about your day then we create an artistic representation through video and editing.

If you are interested in our services please contact us at 724-812-6679 or email unit4media@gmail.com

We have affordable prices and packages to document your day.