Wedding Video at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church and Reception at the Jewish Community Center.

This was a wonderful wedding.  Keri and Shawn were beaming with happiness and it was and incredible day. It was the first Catholic Wedding for Unit4media and it was beautiful. The ceremony was full of ritual and we captured some great moments. The bride and groom looked fantastic. Every wedding is different and we strive to reveal this uniqueness with unique editing and camera work.  The imagery at the Catholic Church was inspiring. Really nice colors, serene scenes, statues, votives and candles flickering. It was stoic. The bride and groom also did well in their roles and looked fantastic. We had some really interesting camera angles and our second shooter really got some great shots. The reception had a total different feel than the wedding and we used a different editing style to portray this. Keri and Shawn entered waving their terrible towels and showing full support of their Steelers and it seemed like a switch had flipped and they were ready for the reception Here are some  highlights of the last wedding documentary.

Pre-wedding Photo Shoot (Stills to add to the wedding documentary)

Here are some examples of photos during the reception that were added to the documentary.

We have quality cameras and put ourselves in the right places to get the shots. These were some great shots and they were easy to get with this much good times happening.