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We are a family run business and love working together.

My wife and I graduated with our Fine Arts Degrees from WVU. We’ve been creating artwork for most of our lives and are passionate and dedicated to being better with each project. Our work ethic is considered old school because we are worker bees by default. It’s just in both of our natures. We love to travel and have lived in China, backpacked Italy, watched WVU play basketball in Puerto Rico, vacationed in Costa Rica and rowed the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon for sixteen days to mention just a few of our memorable travels.

We have a 3 year old named Finnegan and another baby coming in May.

We go to Church at Faith Assembly

in Uniontown Pennsylvania.

I make award winning white chili.

I've won 2nd place 3 times and 3rd place one time at Christ United Methodist Church's chili cook offs.

I love to cook!
  • We have been fortunate to have worked with quite a few clients in our 8 years. We’ve done a lot of work down in Wilmington North Carolina with the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra and headlining bands that have accompanied them such as, Edwin McCain, Sister Hazel, Gloriana and Vanessa Carlton.
  • We’ve also done some great work with more regional clients in Uniontown and Morgantown such as Uniontown Auto Spring, Frank’s Auto Supermarket, Laurel Highlands Travel Bureau, Ohiopyle Trading Post and River Tours, Daniel’s Men’s Store, South Penn Resources, Hopwood Villagers, Charlie Walbridge and Three Rivers Paddling Club to name a brief handful.
“We really enjoy the diversity of our clients. It really challenges us as artists. Every job is like a blank white canvas and together with our clients we are inspired to create the artwork that shapes and brand their business. It’s never dull.”Steve Barber

Images we create for our clients are extremely important to the Web site creation process.

Unit4media focuses on four aspects of electronic media for every project.

To perform on the Internet photography is a major component that must be fantastic and worthy of someone’s attention or we’ll loose our viewer. Great pictures are everywhere and people expect to see wonderful images by default. Unit4media uses quality lenses, full frame sensor DSLR’s and photographers that have gotten a degree in Fine Arts. We also have over 20 years of picture taking experience. We include a two hour photo shoot in every Web design we do.
Graphic design is another element that Unit4media focuses on to create sophisticated polished branding for our clients. Logos are the most challenging pieces of artwork sometimes. You have to say so much with so little and we accomplish this with our creativity and art background. We also have years of experience with Adobe Creative Suit and have an all Mac platformed studio. We love the graphic design.
Web design is here to stay and we have evolved with the times. It’s changing so quickly just since we’ve gotten out of college ten years ago. We no longer use CSS based websites where you have to have expensive software to get a website online. We now make CMS based sites that look amazing and our clients can log in at any computer in the world and make updates. This is an amazingly liberating thing for all users and we strive to make sites beautiful and satisfying to our clients.
Video is what everyone is looking for. You can explain so much in 45 seconds by just showing incredible video of an establishment with a knowledgeable staff member describing the business. We get beautiful supporting B-roll footage and create a short commercial about our clients business standard with our Web designs. People are looking for the video so we give it to them.
Proficiency in Photography
Proficiency in Graphic Design
Proficiency in Webdesign
Proficiency in Videography

We want to have Caste Village in our community of clients.

  • Caste village is in need a Directory Website to aggregate a large amount of data and present that to the user to be found easily.

    We have experience in creating Directory Websites. We have evaluated your Website Shoppes at Caste Village extensively and updates are needed. You have some wonderful stores who deserve a modern presence on the Internet just as much as they need a water tight roof over their head and even WiFi access. Unit4media wants to provide you with this modern solution to your Website woes using the four areas we excel in. We have created a Directory Website with a multitude of features as an example start.

  • Through scrutiny of your site we have found over 60 businesses from the Website.

    These may or may not be current but there are many issues that need attending as you are aware. It is our philosophy that each business needs great images of their facility and business details. This cache of imagery would make the new website have a consistent polished look. These large file HQ images could also be used on individual businesses social media and print marketing material. This is just as important as having a new website we feel. Reason being if you create a beautiful Website like the one we have created for Caste Village putting old pictures on it that are pixelated, grainy and dated will bring down the overall look of the site. This is an unfortunate bi-product of the process. We offer a two photo shoot standard with our Website creation but you are going to need that to support Caste Village and other chosen aspects of the overall center. We strongly recommend hiring us to shoot all the businesses to provide a cohesive look and this process will also show your tenants you care about their image individually on your new site. This is just an idea we are throwing out there.

We also noticed you do not have a social media presence !
Social media integration is very important. We highly recommend working with us to get the advantages of social media working for you.

Some of your businesses have videos and some do not. Let’s get everyone to have them.

Caste Village needs a great site, wonderful photography and informative video.

We understand we’ve created a lot of suggestions with this Website for the Shoppes at Caste Village, but this is the time to look your best on the Internet and get businesses to value this site as much as they value your brick and mortar establishment. We feel this site is going to get a lot of traffic and plan to Search Engine Optimize appropriately. Users are going to be walking around your facility using this site on their phones and it is going to assist them in discovering more. There is tremendous potential here and we want bring passion to the project and do our best as we would for any client. Quality is our default and this is a great challenge. We recommend Quality photography for everyone and that is a possible cost that Caste Village may want to take on so it happens and site looks consistently polished. What about a voucher system for businesses that want video. When I wanted some thing my mom told me she would pay half. I had to work for the other half. Why not offer this same option to Caste Village businesses?

Photography Shoot


per half hour
  • Hi Resolution Images used for site, Village and Businesses Marketing.
  • Flash and Lighting Included
  • Edited Files Delivered Digitally Online, Easy for Everyone
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Commercial Vidoegraphy


45-60 Second Commercial
  • Show Business Facility, Staff and Details of Establishment
  • Embedded Into Sight and Shareable on Social Media
  • High Quality Picture and Sound
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