Vanessa Carlton CFAC Promotion Unit4mediaChords for a Cause 2012: Making your way downtown

to Wilmington, NC, fall 2012, you might have passed this billboard masterpiece.

Octoboer 27th, 2012 marked the fourth annual Chords for a Cause event. Vanessa Carlton, Grammy Award winning artist for the album, “A Thousand Years,” headlined the event with the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra. Edwin McCain, who helped start this whole event, returned. Guest conductor, Rudi Schelgel, also came back. Plus, there was the Hoggard High School Voyageurs adding their youthful, angelic tones to the event.

This musical conglomerate met at the UNCW’s Trask Coliseum. They shared their music, like the other Chords for a Causes, for beautiful medical causes. This year supported Canines for Service and children treated at New Hanover Regional Medical Center‘s (NHRMC) Betty H. Cameron Women’s and Children’s Hospital. NHRMC’s Wish Book also gave audience members the chance to buy special items for infants, children, and families in need.

Making your way through the crowds

Thanks to Unit4media’s main man, Steve Barber, Chords for a Cause once again drew a crowd.

He’d have to represent Grammy award winning artists, a renowned conductor and orchestra, and heartwarming causes: no pressure, Steve!

Once again, Steve worked tirelessly on his computer to produce grabbing t-shirts,

Vanessa Carlton CFAC Design Unit4media

billboards, ads, and posters for the event.

Vanessa Carlton CFAC Design Unit4media

Vanessa Carlton CFAC Marketing Unit4media

Creating all of the promotional materials required a lot of Steve, but for what better cause! It was a pleasure for this artist to join the artists of Chords for a Cause in raising funds for such impactful medical causes.

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