September 13, 2013, Friday the 13th actually Unit4media traveled to Silver Lake in Preston County West Virginia to film The Halftime String Band.

You can watch nine songs of the concert here if you would like to see more.


Silver Lake is a camping area just off 219.

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This is a great place to see a show.

My wife and I got there about 9pm and immediately started hearing great music. Not really sure who the bands were but one I do remember was a guy named Evan Neva and his band the Headgroove.

While we waited for The Halftime String Band we met some really great people. Floyd Sr. who owns Silver Lake. He was a great guy and built the facilities around the lake. Most impressive to me was the stage. It was a large covered platform constructed out of large trees hewned skillfully and erected with mortise and tenon joints, gorgeous. There were also some really great lights on the stage and a huge bonfire that threw flames and embers into the night sky at least 25′. Floyd Sr. introduced us to Floyd Jr. who spearheaded the Jamboree and was also one of the acts that we got so see and record. He was a great guy dawning a black felt cowboy hat and a large beard. Obvious love for Silver Lake and all the people at the Jamboree were on his mind during our meeting. Here is one of Floyd’s songs.

He introduced me to Maylin his sound man and a local photographer from Morgantown Dan Friend.

Dan Friend Photography

Dan Friend

Dan has some great work at his Website but I have not seen any images he took during the concert.

During the night the bonfire raged and so did the lights and music. The temperatures dropped to a surprising 41 degrees and The Halftime String Band started playing at 11:40pm. We were on the colder side but were able to get some great songs and film some talented individuals. Listening to The Halftime String Band made me a fan. These guys Jason Jaros, Bob Spangler and Fred Crozier have some great music and are well worth the visit to one of their live performances. We are looking forward to it.