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Jessica and Michael Wedding Videography in Uniontown, PA

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Full of Beauty and Laughter: Wedding Videography in Uniontown, PA The weather was perfect, bright and just a bit chilly in the shade, that October 10th, 2015 day Jessica and Michael became one at St. George Maronite Catholic Church in Uniontown, PA. The sun streamed in through the stained glass as Unit4media set up our different wedding videography cameras around the church. …

Uniontown Wedding Videography Unit4media Summit

Charly and Ryan Wedding Videography in Uniontown, PA

unit4media Wedding Videography

Uniontown wedding videography: the idyllic Summit Inn Four o’clock on August 28th, 2015, Charly and Ryan stood at a mountain altar. There at The Historic Summit Inn Resort, they started their future family by joining as two into one. Growing a family The black and white interviews of the couple, with colorful videos intertwining, outwardly exhibit their love that will …

Uniontown Auto Spring Unit4media Photography

Uniontown Auto Spring Photography and Web Design in Uniontown, PA

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Uniontown Auto Spring: Quality Media for Quality Men They’re welding. They’re working on rigs bigger than your house. You could say they’re working hard at Uniontown Auto Spring. It was a pleasure for Unit4media to do the hard work of promoting this honest and boss business. Steve Barber, ace photographer and website artisan at Unit4media, shot the men hard at work. He …

Supper Break Music Videography Unit4media

Supper Break String Band Music Videos at Ligonier Beach

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Supper Break String Band Ingredients Appalachia Strings Grass Rock Pepsi/Jesus/Cheese Sprinkle that over Ligonier Beach, and you have a pretty magical evening. What was Supper Break String Band like that June 21st night? There were flowers growing up mic stands. There were fire hula hoops. There were twirling couples. And there was Unit4media, there to capture it all. Tell us more …

Vanessa Carlton CFAC Marketing Unit4media

Vanessa Carlton, Edwin McCain and the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra Marketing in Wilmington, NC

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Chords for a Cause 2012: Making your way downtown to Wilmington, NC, fall 2012, you might have passed this billboard masterpiece. Octoboer 27th, 2012 marked the fourth annual Chords for a Cause event. Vanessa Carlton, Grammy Award winning artist for the album, “A Thousand Years,” headlined the event with the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra. Edwin McCain, who helped start this whole event, …

Local Electronic Media Specialists Unit4media

Local Electronic Media Specialists: Unit4media in Action

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Local Electronic Media: Living in a Visual World It’s a visual world. Businesses as well as brides need local electronic media specialists. They crave videos, photos, print, logos, as well as websites and interviews. It sounds like a lot. But that doesn’t overwhelm Unit4media! We have the gear. We have the artists. We’re in your area. We can materialize your media dreams. The Big …

Gloriana Wilmington Symphony CFAC Unit4media

Gloriana and the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra Marketing in Wilmington, SC

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“Best Breakthrough Artist” at the American Music Awards in 2009, and the 2011 act for Chords for a Cause: Gloriana. Gloriana joined the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra on November 5, 2011 in Wilmington’s Kenan Auditorium to raise funds and children’s spirits. This was a homecoming show for Gloriana. Two of its members, Tom and Mike Gossin, attended the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. Just a …

Sister Hazel 2010 Chords Unit4media

Sister Hazel and the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra Marketing in Wilmington, NC

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The Mission: Mission Ready A new year, a new cause, and a new band striking the chords. 2010’s Chords for a Cause featured Sister Hazel. This alternative band stepped onstage with the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra at Kenan Auditorium October 23rd. Their mission: Mission Ready. This New Hanover Regional Medical Center (NHRMC) program collects unused and expired medical supplies and makes them available to area non-profit programs. These …

Edwin McCain Chords Cause Unit4media

Edwin McCain and the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra Marketing in Wilmington, NC

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Chords for a Cause: a country star, a doctor, and a mayor were drinking Red Bulls by the water.   And like the best of late night conversations, they were solving the world’s problems. They took the thumping beat of music and turned that pulse into a pulse of life. Nine months after that night by the water, Chords for a …

Morgantown Videography CTA Highflyers Unit4media

Champion Training Academy (CTA) Videography in Morgantown, WV

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CTA Videography: Artists as Athletes CTA needed videos. Lisa Donaldson Burtner, owner, searched and found a video shooting company as hardworking and artistic as CTA: Unit4media. This shoot challenged Unit4media as no shoot had. Steve, owner and main videographer for Unit4media, got his start shooting fast action on whitewater. But CTA was a new kind of action. Tumbling. Stunts. Personality. With the right people …