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Champion Training Academy (CTA) Videography in Morgantown, WV

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CTA Videography: Artists as Athletes CTA needed videos. Lisa Donaldson Burtner, owner, searched and found a video shooting company as hardworking and artistic as CTA: Unit4media. This shoot challenged Unit4media as no shoot had. Steve, owner and main videographer for Unit4media, got his start shooting fast action on whitewater. But CTA was a new kind of action. Tumbling. Stunts. Personality. With the right people …

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Daniel’s of Morgantown Marketing in Morgantown, WV

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Daniel’s of Morgantown: Doing All the Multimedia “He’s good looking, sharply dressed, and well-spoken,” Steve said of our client, Phil Mauser of Daniel’s of Morgantown. Phil made our work easy. We did it all for Daniel’s of Morgantown: website, videos, photos, and interviews.   Secrets Lurking in a Daniel’s Sports Coat  While we interviewed Phil, we learned some fun extras, like what he …

Wedding Video Documentary at Lakeview Resort in Morgantown West Virginia

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DSLR Cinema Wedding Documentaries Unit4media specializes in archiving your wedding day with DSLR cinema cameras and professional HD camcorders. We capture sound with wireless lapel microphones and shotgun microphones. We have multiple shooters with tripods and monopods to get the best shots possible. We feature full edits of your day with footage that includes getting ready, ceremony, reception entrance, best …