ACA Swiftwater Rescue Re-certification

October 25-27 at the Baker’s Creek Community Center in Dilsboro North Carolina I attended the Swiftwater Rescue Symposium to update my Level 4 Swiftwater Rescue Certification.

It was a great conference with some incredible speakers such as Charlie Walbridge, Mike Mather, Jim Coffey, Les Bechdal and more. We worked on multiple sections of the Tuckasegee River practicing and teaching scenarios and river rescue situations for Level 4 skills and techniques. I was able to teach, practice and film while I was attending the three day conference. Three days went by quickly and they were long days. The nights were a bit tough. Temperatures were diving to the 20’s and it was frosty. I think there was a bit of snow.

My lodging was at Timber Lake Campground near the river, run by a really nice old lady and had showers, fire rings, picnic tables electric pole all at your camp sites. It also had WiFi but I never had the chance to use it. The days were long and jam packed with events.

Here is a video that I created of Walter Felton for the Unpinning a Canoe or Kayak section of the course.