Uniontown Professional Wedding Videography Unit4mediaThe bride arrayed in pearls,

a billowing white princess dress, and beneath, elegant lace pattern Converses with “Mrs. Gearland.” Stephanie and Bryant’s day, June 14th, 2014, brought a perfect mix of serious and lightheartedness that plays across this Uniontown wedding videography.

Professional Wedding Videography Uniontown PAThe video starts by panning across the front of the Faith Assembly of God. Inside, a dog dressed in a yellow bowtie wags his tail. Behind him, a silver heel lies free from a throbbing foot.

Flashes of bouquets, boutonnieres,

then, Bryant’s medals on his uniform come into focus. Groomsmen adjust the medals, fiddle with their cufflinks, fix collars, and balance bowties.

A hand gently uncurls to reveal the rings.Professional Wedding Videographer Uniontown PA

Uniontown PA Wedding Videography Unit4mediaCut, and we look over Stephanie’s shoulder. Her veil appears more opaque where it folds over itself. Her headpiece shines in a series of diamond encrusted leaves. She tosses her curls. Among all the elegance she radiates, we are drawn to her gorgeous eyes, big and bright.

Then, our favorite moment. Preserving the tradition of the groom not seeing the bride before the ceremony, Bryant closes his eyes, kissing Stephanie’s hand from around a corner.Professional Wedding Videographer Uniontown PA

The kisses continue at the post wedding shoot at Friendship Hill (and when we say kissing, we mean a lot of kissing!).Uniontown Professional Wedding Videography Unit4media

Kissing melts into dancing at the reception raging at Anthony’s Lakeside Party Center.

To capture their happiness in these three videos filled our hearts with joy. Congratulations, Bryant and Stephanie! Thank you for the privilege of witnessing your love.

Enjoying that happy day forever.

Unit4media gives you a video worthy of the vows, smiles, and tears of this special day. We invest in the latest cameras and in jib cranes, gimbals, and even in video helicopters. As part of this couple’s Standard Package, two professional Unit4media artists recorded two hours before the ceremony all the way to the last major event at the reception. We blended into the background, keeping the day’s focus on Stephanie and Bryant. After the wedding was over, the online wedding portfolio made it easy for Stephanie and Bryant to remember and share their special day on social media (the couple also received 3 Blu-ray DVDs with their edited wedding videos).

Above all, Unit4media wants to create the best wedding documentary we can for you. We are available by email or phone for any questions, concerns or problems.

Contact Unit4media at unit4media@gmail.com or call 724-812-667.



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Ceremony Location:

Faith Assembly of God

690 Morgantown Rd, Uniontown, PA 15401

(724) 437-8101


Post Ceremony Photoshoot Location:

Friendship Hill

223 New Geneva Rd, Point Marion, PA 15474

(724) 725-9190


Reception Location:

Anthony’s Lakeside Party Center

400 Old Rt 21 Rd, McClellandtown, PA 15458

(724) 439-3111