Sister Hazel Wilmington CFAC Unit4media The Mission: Mission Ready

A new year, a new cause, and a new band striking the chords.

2010’s Chords for a Cause featured Sister Hazel. This alternative band stepped onstage with the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra at Kenan Auditorium October 23rd. Their mission: Mission Ready. This New Hanover Regional Medical Center (NHRMC) program collects unused and expired medical supplies and makes them available to area non-profit programs. These non-profits then bring the medical supplies to areas in desperate need around the world, like Africa and Haiti.

Chords for a Cause Marketing: Big, Small, Steve Barber Wonder

But how did the word get around about this wonderful music for a wonderful cause?Wilmington Symphony Orchestra Cause Unit4media

Once again, Wilmington Health Associates called in that do-good musician, graphic artist Steve Barber of Unit4media.

No task was too small or too large for Steve.

He designed roadside billboards.

Sister Hazel Wilmington Symphony Unit4media

He crafted shirts.

Sister Hazel Chords Cause Shirt

He conquered the task of backstage passes.

Sister Hazel Chords Cause Unit4media

Steve’s careful eye created a uniform marketing approach. All of the materials tied together for cohesive branding of the event.

In he end, that marketing drew in $17,000 for Mission Ready.

Sister Hazel Chords Cause Unit4mediaIt was an honor to once again be a part of such a talented and warmhearted cause. Thank you, Wilmington Health Associates, NHRMC, Chords for a Cause, Sister Hazel, and Wilmington Symphony Orchestra!

Chords for a Cause Unit4media

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Unit4media wields the technological and artistic knowhow to get your business across. Trained with fine art degrees and years creating for companies out in the community, we’re seasoned. We create websites, ads, videos, photos, logos: whatever high quality media you might need.

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