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Gibson Gourmet “We roast pigs.”

Gibson Gourmet is a catering company that specializes in roasting pigs. Owned and operated by Dana Howdershelt-Gibson, ACF Certified Chef and husband Ronnell Gibson.
Gibson Gourmet is a catering business out of Morgantown West Virginia that creates the best barbecue I have ever tasted. Ronell is the Grille Master and he has a team that dresses up or down for the occasion. These guys know how to roast pigs and that is their specialty. They also do chicken, ribs, sausages and all the side dishes you could ever want. He works side by side with his wife who is in charge of all the decorations or the front of the business and she has the design down. She is also in charge of the drinks and they are always just right. Gibson Gourmet is top notch catering service specializing in pig roasts.

Commercial Photography

I got to the tailgate site early around 5am and it was really quite on my walk in to find Gibson Gourmet. I crossed the large parking lot to the hum of generators supplying electricity to sleeping RV’s lined up eagerly awaiting the tailgating rituals of WVU football. The band could be heard cracking with staccato pops in the lit stadium. They are a truly dedicated group of professionals. Following the directions in hand I listened for activity that would present itself as a pig roast and soon found what I was after.
Ronnell and his staff were working by generator quickly carving up a pig they had just pulled off the grille. I was a bit stunned because I was late. I didn’t get the shot of the pig on the spit but there was action so there was no time to waste. Pulled out my cameras, introduced myself and went to work snapping pictures furiously catching up. It was on and I was getting shots of staff working like ninjas chopping away at deliciously roasted pig flesh. It was awesome.

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This is a slideshow created for Gibson Gourmet who is a catering company in Morgantown West Virginia. They have a professional team that creates the best barbecue I have ever tasted. They roast hole pigs, chicken, ribs. Their side dishes include mac and cheese, baked beans, sausages with grilled peppers and onions, grilled corn, and many more for a tailgate. It’s really an amazing meal and you can get whatever alcoholic or nonalcoholic drinks you want. These guys really have tailgating down and this slideshow features some of the good food and great staff from Gibson Gourmet.