PennLine Brochure 1 Landscape

Re-creating the layout into landscape mode held together the continuity of the pages but created an odd canvas size so used a drop shadow and a PennLine designed back drop behind the book so the viewer would always know what this brochure was about.

Another example is a standard PDF Document

PennLine Brochure 12.3 MB

For email delivery purposes this document can be scaled down to 3.5 MB and still look good. So you would have the inbox delivery capability with the landscape canvas.

PennLine Brochure 2 with links to PennLine Website and Contact Call to Action

Excess white space in the PDF document can be filled with buttons, links, moving text, instructional or promotional videos from either YouTube platform or a 720p HD Vimeo platform. Either way additional elements can be added to any PDF to direct viewer to additional media.

Interactive PDF’s can be delivered in many ways.

Currently these interactive PDF’s are embedded on my my website but can be fully integrated into a CSS or CMS based website which would enable them to come up as their own page. This would fill the browser.

Email is no problem with these documents and they could be as big as you want them to be filled with video or 50 or more pages with resolution on the images very high and sharp. You would essentially be emailing a link to a page on your selected website where these live.

Social Media is also an easy sharing possibility with the icons directly in the PDF document or on the navigation bar interface that the user operates to zoom in on the PDF or share it.

Interactive PDF’s are an interesting way to quickly interact with a lot of pictures and media.

PDF viewer can also be adapted for whatever background, user navigation structure and logo placement to unify branding.

PennLine-Logo-for-Black-PDF-flip  1 PennLine-Logo-fancy-PDF-flip



PennLine Interactive PDF Brochure Final


  • Logo was removed to make room for icon to be placed on tool bar to allow viewer to go to full sized view easily.
  • Corrections were made to the artwork alignment.
  • Buttons were updated with chosen URL paths and email automation.
  • A page was added to accommodate the customer testimonials