Local Electronic Media Specialists: Unit4media in Action

Local Electronic Media: Living in a Visual World It's a visual world. Businesses as well as brides need local electronic media specialists. They crave videos, photos, print, logos, as well as websites and interviews. It sounds like [...]

Gloriana and the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra Marketing in Wilmington, SC

"Best Breakthrough Artist" at the American Music Awards in 2009, and the 2011 act for Chords for a Cause: Gloriana. Gloriana joined the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra on November 5, 2011 in Wilmington’s Kenan Auditorium to raise funds and [...]

Sister Hazel and the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra Marketing in Wilmington, NC

The Mission: Mission Ready A new year, a new cause, and a new band striking the chords. 2010's Chords for a Cause featured Sister Hazel. This alternative band stepped onstage with the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra at Kenan Auditorium October 23rd. Their [...]

Edwin McCain and the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra Marketing in Wilmington, NC

Chords for a Cause: a country star, a doctor, and a mayor were drinking Red Bulls by the water.   And like the best of late night conversations, they were solving the world's problems. They [...]

Champion Training Academy (CTA) Videography in Morgantown, WV

CTA Videography: Artists as Athletes CTA needed videos. Lisa Donaldson Burtner, owner, searched and found a video shooting company as hardworking and artistic as CTA: Unit4media. This shoot challenged Unit4media as no shoot had. Steve, owner and main videographer [...]

Daniel’s of Morgantown Marketing in Morgantown, WV

Daniel's of Morgantown: Doing All the Multimedia "He's good looking, sharply dressed, and well-spoken," Steve said of our client, Phil Mauser of Daniel's of Morgantown. Phil made our work easy. We did it all for Daniel's of [...]