Professional Videographer Morgantown Pittsburgh Unit4mediaLocal Electronic Media: Living in a Visual World

It’s a visual world. Businesses as well as brides need local electronic media specialists. They crave videos, photos, print, logos, as well as websites and interviews.

It sounds like a lot. But that doesn’t overwhelm Unit4media!

We have the gear. We have the artists. We’re in your area. We can materialize your media dreams.

The Big Guns

Professional Wedding Videographer Pittsburgh Unit4media

Professional Videographer Morgantown CTA Unit4mediaIt’s large, and it’s in charge of capturing the top and bottom of a shoot: the jib crane. With the jib crane, Unit4media tapes the expanse of a cathedral to the bird’s-eye view of a cheerleader powwow.

No action gets past Unit4media. With the gimbal, Steve eagerly pounces like a West Virginia wildcat. The gimbal enables him to maintain a smooth shot as he follows the action.

He backtracks to frame walking groomsmen.

Professional Wedding Videographer Pittsburgh Unit4media

He nimbly follows stunting athletes.

Professional Videographer Morgantown CTA Unit4media

The movement gives the video that cinematic quality.

This includes side-to-side movements. For that artistic touch, Unit4media slides.


Professional Wedding Videographer Uniontown Unit4mediaNo bouquet is safe! Or leaf spring for that matter.

Professional Web Design Uniontown Unit4media

Unit4media has jib cranes, gimbals, sliders, as well as monopods, tripods, and helicopters. We’ve got the goods to capture your goodness.

On the End

Professional Videographer Morgantown CTA Unit4mediaAll of these smooth ways to shoot would mean nothing if we didn’t have high quality cameras.

We do. Just look at Amanda go!

Unit4media invests in the latest equipment to give you the sharpest images possible. We shoot in HD. We capture the footage in 1080p. We tote DSLR cameras. We run around with GoPros.

Check, Check, Check…

Professional Videographer Morgantown Interview Unit4media

Lapel Microphones. Shotgun mics. Unit4media gives everyone smooth sounds from CTA Highflyers, to Edwin McCain, to Daniel’s of Morgantown, to brides and grooms. We invest in a small army of audio equipment so you are crystally captured.


Glamorous Hair Lighting

Don’t worry. Your hair will look great! Professional interviews are a breeze with Unit4media’s professional stand and camera lights.

Professional Interviews Unit4media

Come to our studio! Or, we can transport those lights to your businesses (even if you don’t have a sparkling bow in your hair).

Professional Interviewer Morgantown CTA Unit4media

Loving What We Do for You

Professional Music Videography SBSB Unit4mediaProfessional Electronic Media Specialists Unit4media

We are fine art degree professionals at Unit4media. That love of art combined with high quality equipment gives you a high quality product. We take the time to craft professional videos for your business, and cinematic tear jerkers for your wedding.

We’d love to do what we do, for you!

Professional Wedding Videographer Uniontown Unit4media

Contact Unit4media at or call 724-812-6679.Local Electronic Media Specialists Unit4media


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