Uniontown PA Wedding Videography Unit4mediaSun streamed through the stained glass October 13th, 2012 at St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church. Unit4media’s Uniontown, PA wedding videography  and pre-wedding photography captured it all. The little ring bearer and flower girl walked hand in hand up the aisle, wide-eyed but successfully traversing the distance up the carpet. The shot cut back to Keri. Her headpiece sparkling, her veil ethereal, her dress swaying to her steps, her face radiant as her father escorted her.

So the LORD God formed Keri


Uniontown PA Professional Wedding PhotographyThe first reading rang out from Genesis: “It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a suitable partner for him…

So the LORD God formed Keri, and Shawn said, “This one at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh. This one shall be called woman.

…and the two of them become one body.”

Perhaps that’s not word for word from Genesis…but after all, we’re video people.

Father Ron presided and advised the attendants on the most precious gift:

There is another gift you can give Shawn and Keri, and that is your presence. You’ve decided to set aside this time to witness in a few moments this couple exchange in this church, on holy ground, their love for one another. Some people will join at the reception. Your presence here today I believe is the most precious gift you can give to them: to be here in prayer, and to support them with your love and your presence.

Uniontown PA Professional Wedding VideographyThough the greatest present is that presence, another is being able to watch it all over again! Congratulations, Shawn and Keri! It was an honor to capture your big day. May your union be blessed!


Enjoying that happy day forever.

Unit4media gives you a video worthy of the vows, smiles, and tears of this special day. We invest in the latest cameras and in jib cranes, gimbals, and even in video helicopters. As part of this couple’s Standard Package, two professional Unit4media artists recorded two hours before the ceremony all the way to the last major event at the reception. We blended into the background, keeping the day’s focus on Keri and Shawn. After the wedding was over, the online wedding portfolio made it easy for Keri and Shawn to remember and share their special day on social media (the couple also received 3 Blu-ray DVDs with their edited wedding videos).

Above all, Unit4media wants to create the best wedding documentary we can for you. We are available by email or phone for any questions, concerns or problems.

Contact Unit4media at unit4media@gmail.com or call 724-812-667.


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St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church

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Uniontown Jewish Community Center

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