Uniontown PA Professional Wedding VideographyIt was a day of ceremony,

and a night of unceremonious tearing the dance floor apart.

Before we hit up Boogie Town, Unit4media’s professional wedding videography and photography opened their hearts and lenses to the profound solemnity of the ceremony.

“God is love and those who abide in love, abide in God, and God abides in them,”

Uniontown Professional Wedding Videography Unit4mediabegan Reverend Doctor David R. Clark, July 12th, 2014, at Fort Burd Presbyterian Church.

Pre-ceremony, though, came the less audible traditions of the day. Two groomsmen took the strings on a giant roll of white fabric. As they pulled the aisle runner between the two columns of pews, the white masked the maroon. Just as the men became too small in the shot, the camera angle changed…

The camera tilted up and we saw the grinning white haired officiant. Next to him stood Jordon. The corner of the groom’s mouth twitched up in a small smile.

Uniontown Pittsburgh Morgantown Wedding VideographyThe shot split between the bride and groom.

As Katey stepped into better lighting, we could hardly look at the other half of the screen. Her soft veil with silver lines crisscrossing near the edge laid gently on her head and shoulders. Her earrings and dress dazzled. Her left hand was full of colorful lilies. Her face shined radiantly with smokey eyes and an incandescent smile.

Just as dazzling was the reception. Paul McGrady Entertainment provided the fuel for this light-footed fire for the bridal party and guests. As Katey clapped about, her skirt bounced beautifully. Even in a bridal gown, she could still Cha-Cha Slide!

Thank you, Katey and Jordon, for the joy in sharing in the processing and dancing of your special day!


Enjoying that happy day forever.

Uniontown PA Wedding Videography Unit4mediaUnit4media gives you a video worthy of the vows, smiles, and tears of this special day. We invest in the latest cameras and in jib cranes, gimbals, and even in video helicopters. As part of this couple’s Standard Package, two professional Unit4media artists recorded two hours before the ceremony all the way to the last major event at the reception. We blended into the background, keeping the day’s focus on Katey and Jordon. After the wedding was over, the online wedding portfolio made it easy for Katey and Jordon to remember and share their special day on social media (the couple also received 3 Blu-ray DVDs with their edited wedding videos).

Above all, Unit4media wants to create the best wedding documentary we can for you. We are available by email or phone for any questions.

Contact Unit4media at unit4media@gmail.com or call 724-812-667.



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Ceremony Location:

Fort Burd United Presbyterian Church

200 Thorton Rd, Brownsville, PA 15417

(724) 785-3080


Rehearsal Dinner Location:

Duck Hollow Golf Club

374 Duck Hollow Rd, Uniontown, PA 15401

(724) 550-6388 or (724) 963-5148


Reception DJ:

Paul McGrady Entertainment