Edwin McCain Wilmington Symphony Unit4mediaChords for a Cause:

a country star, a doctor, and a mayor

were drinking Red Bulls by the water.  

And like the best of late night conversations, they were solving the world’s problems.

They took the thumping beat of music and turned that pulse into a pulse of life. Nine months after that night by the water, Chords for a Cause was born. They would make good music for good causes.

Edwin McCain took the stage November 7, 2009, with the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra led by guest conductor Rudi Schlegel at the Kenan Auditorium. They rocked out and fueled funds for New Hanover Regional Medical Center’s Eshelman Challenge. The sold-out seats raised $65,000 towards a pediatric ambulance.

The Man for Marketing Chords for a Cause

Before the funds were raised, though, the tickets had to be sold. And designed. Along with the posters, billboards, and even the backstage passes.

Edwin McCain Chords Cause Unit4media

For this artistry, they called on fellow musician and do-gooder, Unit4media.

Co-owner of Unit4media, Steve, handled every piece of marketing for this event.

The website,

Chords for a Cause Unit4media


Edwin McCain Wilmington Health Unit4medianewspaper ads,Edwin McCain Wilmington Symphony Unit4media

if anything required a design, Steve designed it.

All of that hard work worked. Chords for a Cause got out there. The people came. The funds flowed. The children in need were cared for.

Chords for a Cause pushed Steve to do the gamut of electronic and print media. But as an artist, he loved the challenge. Thank you, Chords for a Cause, for letting us help you in your beautiful work.

Need your cause marketed?

Unit4media wields the technological and artistic knowhow to get your business across. Trained with fine art degrees and years creating for companies out in the community, we’re seasoned. We create websites, ads, videos, photos, logos: whatever high quality media you might need.

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