Refer Unit4media to your couples and we’ll compensate you with $150, videos, reciprocal links, #hashtags, Internet presence and social media marketing!

Does this sound to good to be true? It’s not. We’re Unit4media wedding videographers, and our specialty is creating dynamic content for our couples during their most special wedding day on Blu-ray and most importantly for your business and ours, on the Internet. Our clients choose Unit4media because we meet and most importantly exceed our clients expectations with a friendly, professional and reliable service. We’re quality snob’s and proud of it. We capture everything in 1080p HD with multiple cameras, multiple appropriately uniformed in black, ninja like shooters and use quality microphones and recording devices dedicated to HQ audio. Our standard wedding package features 8-10 beautifully edited videos in a URL personalized gallery for our couple. Videos contained in this gallery can then be shared individually or as a whole on social media, downloaded in full HD or even embedded on Websites. Our clients are special and so is the content they choose to share with their friends and families. We cherish this relationship and also use it to foster our business and now hopefully yours.
“We love working with area DJ’s and we also want you to like working with us.”Steve and Amanda Barber owners of Unit4media

“You are all great. We’re all in this moment together and we want the bride and groom to have the most memorable video document of their wedding day possible and as the vendors know, that requires working together.”

This is why we want to offer you $150 commission and 1-11 reciprocal links to your Website. “We all know how important reciprocal links are for SEO”. 1-10 Hash tags #ofyourchoice which will assist in your social media marketing and the embed code of the video we submit to our clients that has you in it, to embed on your website or facebook for to show clients how you introduce the couple, father daughter dance or tossing the bouquet. The Dj is in our edites. I mean let’s think about that we’re going to pay you a commission, market for your business using proven search engine optimization strategies, splash your business around on social media like a boss, present your business in HD video and audio and give your business something that you can embed on your already kicking website. Yes go ahead rub your eyes and re-read it again. It’s true. And here’ is another thing we’re fun to work with, professional and reliable. How many videographers can you say that about?

How to get paid? Paypal!

We use it to secure our Client deposit’s. Once we get our security payment, we’ll send $150 to the Paypal account of your choice. Our clients fill out our contract information about the vendors and we’ll get your name off the contract and call you. We’ll work out the details of the reception like we try to do with most Dj’s then send you the digital currency. Walla, I mean what vendor is doing this for other vendors or could even offer another vendor a juicy deal like this.

We want to make the best Wedding Video possible.

That means working together.

We want you to tell the dancing crowd to interact with us when we film them. It works out great for the video and especially shows the DJ working it for the video. This usually always makes the edit. It’s a great thing for both of us.

Years Filming
Wedding Edits
Created for Clients
YouTube and Vimeo
Views Exponentially Growing Every Day
Video Sharing Analytics
From People Reached on Facebook

Online presence is a strength of Unit4media.

As videographers we are rolling out the meta data, video and marketing and want to create a wedding vendor community that is friendly, fun and professional. We all know what the grind is like and now we can all feel better about working with each other and most importantly with a forward thinking videography company like Unit4media. We have created 221 edits for our clients and from their sharing on Vimeo and Youtube we have garnered a pool of 6,515 views that are exponentially growing each day. Marketing with these same videos on Facebook we have accrued 12,123 people reached organically. We have created a great pool of prospective clients and want to open the door to that for you as well. We know you are working hard on you marketing as well. Let's work together.

Get a $150 voucher towards a promotional video for you.

Ok let’s say we’ve done three different weddings and your getting comfortable with the dough, marketing and social media splashing and are looking for more. You can choose a $150 voucher instead of the money media package which can be used towards a commercial video for your business. If we’ve worked multiple times together like we maybe have already, we’ve got the B-roll for a sweet commercial about your business. Now let’s get an interview from you about the details of your business, slap some sweet graphic logos on the lower thirds and a URL call to action and you now have your own HQ commercial that you have always wanted to market your style of Disc Jockey. It’s a win win win situation for all of us and Unit4media would like to foster this kind of relationship with our DJ community.

Videos for our clients showcasing the DJ.

Here are some examples of Video edits created for our couples involving the DJ’s in the Uniontown, Morgantown and Pittsburgh areas. These videos are online and being shared. They’ll have your reciprocal links and hashtags embedded within the metadata for SEO and you can share them, copy the embed code or even download them and upload them to your Youtube accounts. It’s all good. We’ve secured the marketing rights from the Bride and Groom and the videos are online working for us they might as well be working for you too.

We would like you to look at our wedding packages we offer our clients and see for yourself the quality product we are offering.
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Let’s work together.

Paypal ?

If you don't have an account this is a great time to get one. This is a great deal for both of us and we want to be the first videographers to offer something of value to you, so we can have a better working relationship.


Amanda and I are looking forward to fostering a better relationship with DJ's and this is a great way to do it. Talk us up to your brides and well make the rest happen. We are looking forward to working with you.

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