Hood College Ceramic Department Promotional Videos for NCECA 2013

Hood College Ceramics Program has Passion and Potential Unit4media recently created promotional materials for Hood College Ceramics Program in Fredrick Maryland that features a passionate ceramics department with expansive facilities, multitudes of electric and gas kilns, great instructors, a flexible distance learning curriculum and a rich visiting artist component. Unit4media was able to create some [...]

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Jason Bohnert showcases ceramic arts as visiting artist for Hood College Ceramic Department

Jason Bohnert Ceramic Artist February 16-17 2013 Jason Bohnert held a technique rich ceramic workshop at Hood College in Fredrick Marlyand.The Workshop featured functional ceramic art such as cups, mugs, pouring vessels, and bowls with faceted surface decoration techniques inspired by Arizona landscapes and Yixing China ceramic artists.  Jason's ceramics arts depend mainly on a [...]

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