Vanessa Carlton CFAC Marketing Unit4media

Vanessa Carlton, Edwin McCain and the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra Marketing in Wilmington, NC

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Chords for a Cause 2012: Making your way downtown to Wilmington, NC, fall 2012, you might have passed this billboard masterpiece. Octoboer 27th, 2012 marked the fourth annual Chords for a Cause event. Vanessa Carlton, Grammy Award winning artist for the album, “A Thousand Years,” headlined the event with the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra. Edwin McCain, who helped start this whole event, …

Gloriana Wilmington Symphony CFAC Unit4media

Gloriana and the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra Marketing in Wilmington, SC

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“Best Breakthrough Artist” at the American Music Awards in 2009, and the 2011 act for Chords for a Cause: Gloriana. Gloriana joined the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra on November 5, 2011 in Wilmington’s Kenan Auditorium to raise funds and children’s spirits. This was a homecoming show for Gloriana. Two of its members, Tom and Mike Gossin, attended the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. Just a …

Sister Hazel 2010 Chords Unit4media

Sister Hazel and the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra Marketing in Wilmington, NC

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The Mission: Mission Ready A new year, a new cause, and a new band striking the chords. 2010’s Chords for a Cause featured Sister Hazel. This alternative band stepped onstage with the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra at Kenan Auditorium October 23rd. Their mission: Mission Ready. This New Hanover Regional Medical Center (NHRMC) program collects unused and expired medical supplies and makes them available to area non-profit programs. These …

Edwin McCain Chords Cause Unit4media

Edwin McCain and the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra Marketing in Wilmington, NC

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Chords for a Cause: a country star, a doctor, and a mayor were drinking Red Bulls by the water.   And like the best of late night conversations, they were solving the world’s problems. They took the thumping beat of music and turned that pulse into a pulse of life. Nine months after that night by the water, Chords for a …

Daniel's of Morgantown Videography Unit4media

Daniel’s of Morgantown Marketing in Morgantown, WV

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Daniel’s of Morgantown: Doing All the Multimedia “He’s good looking, sharply dressed, and well-spoken,” Steve said of our client, Phil Mauser of Daniel’s of Morgantown. Phil made our work easy. We did it all for Daniel’s of Morgantown: website, videos, photos, and interviews.   Secrets Lurking in a Daniel’s Sports Coat  While we interviewed Phil, we learned some fun extras, like what he …

Ohiopyle Trading Post new Website created by Unit4media

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This is the new look for Ohiopyle Trading Post and River Tours. It was a 28 page website with all new photography, calendars, video and social media links. This was a major job but turned out well. With new accordion tables we were able to condense the staggering amount of data into a more manageable and more intuitive navigation process …

Seven Springs Mountain Resort works with Unit4media to create video commercials featuring lodging packages with Ohiopyle Trading Post

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Seven Springs and Unit4media create summer event and lodging commercials for Internet marketing. Middle Yough lodging and rafting package commercial. Lower Yough lodging and rafting package commercial. These videos were edited and created by Andrew Beard at Seven Springs. Unit4media captured all rafting video in 1080p HD. It was great working with Andrew and he created an effective summer campaign, …

Unit4media Business Media Packages for 2013

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Unit4media has three media packages to make you look professional and ready to confidently market your business. You’ve got a business and things are moving in a professional direction but need a brochure to pass out to target more guests with the great services you have to offer. You don’t have a logo or any pictures of your business that …

Hood College Ceramic Department Promotional Videos for NCECA 2013

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Hood College Ceramics Program has Passion and Potential Unit4media recently created promotional materials for Hood College Ceramics Program in Fredrick Maryland that features a passionate ceramics department with expansive facilities, multitudes of electric and gas kilns, great instructors, a flexible distance learning curriculum and a rich visiting artist component. Unit4media was able to create some promotional media created to market …

Jason Bohnert showcases ceramic arts as visiting artist for Hood College Ceramic Department

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Jason Bohnert Ceramic Artist February 16-17 2013 Jason Bohnert held a technique rich ceramic workshop at Hood College in Fredrick Marlyand.The Workshop featured functional ceramic art such as cups, mugs, pouring vessels, and bowls with faceted surface decoration techniques inspired by Arizona landscapes and Yixing China ceramic artists.  Jason’s ceramics arts depend mainly on a wood fired environment to get …