Hello Caste Village Merchants

My name is Steve Barber, I’m the owner of Unit4media. We specialize in graphic design, Web design, photography and videography. We are also a family run that specializes in electronic media. We’re located in Fayette County Pennsylvania, near Uniontown. The owners of Caste Village have hired our company to create a new Website for the Shoppes at Caste Village. The old site is out dated and isn’t really working for anyone and that will soon be changing. We want to make the best site for the owners that we can but we need your assistance and accommodation.

We want to capture high quality photography of your business.

The Caste’s have chosen your stores to be featured on the new Website.

There Are
Selected Merchants

We understand this may be a somewhat intrusive process, but please understand, we want to do this with the smallest footprint possible while gaining the best images. We are not using flash photography because we understand it may cause a disturbance to your patrons. We are trying to get in there and get the images and get out. So please understand we are new to your facility. It’s the first time I’ve been in your store and any advice, interest or creative points you would like to add will be welcomed. We want to make you look your best and hope you are interested in our process.

The images we take will be available for your marketing.

That’s right! You can use the images in your marketing. The photographs we take are 24 megapixels, high resolution. That means they can be natively put on a roadside bill board and still look incredible. They can also be incorporated into print media such as a brochure or a poster. They can also be shared on social media. Is is starting to sound better? You will have your own personal gallery of images that you can view. These images can be downloaded.
We’ll send you a password that will enable you to download various sizes of the image. If you want a high resolution image select the original image when you download it. If you want to put it on Facebook, select the medium or small sized image. It’s there and use it how you would like. That is one of the benefits of working with Unit4media.
Here is a link to Caste Village Galleries.
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Just images from our traveling days. Oh the places you go before kids, eh?

Merchant Galleries

View and download your images in various sizes.

What are you waiting for?

We’ll email you a password to download your images.

You can get an idea of the images we are gathering. Just find your store. Check your email for the password that will enable you to download.
We do not want to make anyone feel uncomfortable while taking their picture.

We understand peoples right to privacy. We also want you to work out at Fitness 19 or eat at Gianna Via’s and have your privacy, but we need to show your facility and the majority of times it has people in it. We ask as many people as possible if it is ok to take their portrait and 9 out of 10 people it’s fine. Those people that are not comfortable with it only need to tell us once and we will not use their image in any way. We also really try hard to capture people with a wide angle lens so you really can’t see their faces or are identifiable. We are technically in a public space, but we want to make people feel comfortable and will only use these images to portray Caste Village and merchants in a positive and professional setting.

Lastly we need your current information.

Please take a final moment and fill out the short questionnaire. This way we’ll have your current information such as operating hours, contact telephone and email exactly how it should be. Also give us some information about your business listing. Tell us about the wonders of you staff or the creativity of your chefs. Maybe you have an award that you’ve won back to back to back years, let us know. No one knows your business better than you and now is the time to make it look great on your landing page in the Shoppes at Caste Village Website. We look forward to working with you and your staff.
Steve Barber
Owner of Unit4media

Merchant Testimonial

“It was such a treat to work with Steve, and I know what an incredible value that is to have given us.”Andrea Biggie, South Hills Physical Medicine