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unit4media@gmail.com or 724-812-6679

Steve Barber and Amanda Barber owners of Unit4media

Graduated from West Virginia University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.

Unit4media is a family owned and operated company. Work with my wife most of the time in some way or another. Whether it is her doing events with me such as photography, video or just critiquing my work, she is another great eye that understands art and how it’s created and appreciated, major quality inspector.

Experienced rivers in kayaks and rafts.. Strive to be humble and go for it at the same time. Great place those rivers. They’ve shaped my life, my work and the members in my family. Looking forward to the river adventures to come.

We are passionate about electronics and technology. My stepfather always had computers and cameras and gadgets around and certainly passed on his addiction for tech to me. Also love audiobooks and cooking.

Graphic Art is great because it’s so portable. My graphic art inspirations comes from  Websites, photographers, other video boaters, magazines, necessity, Dadaism, tutorials, family, babies, documentaries, music and nature.

Pressing record is a habit. I have an unconscious default to archive digitally, welcome challenges and have a fondness for travel foreign or domestic. Quality is a continual goal.

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