Wild and Scenic Ohiopyle Unit4mediaThe Wild & Scenic Film Festival:

a Case for Cam Straps

“Do you have any cam straps or duct tape?”

Krissy Kasserman, head of the Youghiogheny Riverkeeper, Steve Barber, owner of Unit4media, and myself, writer and occasional schlepp for Unit4media, were setting up for The Wild & Scenic Film Festival the day before. After an hour of tinkering with the screen, we fired up the projector. Problem: the image was too small. We had to flip the big white sheet. Problem: the crossbar wasn’t wide enough to handle that 10′ action.

A Can-Do West Virginia Attitude

But, we come from West Virginia, and problems don’t stand a chance against our can-do attitude. We just combined Krissy and Steve’s bars into one.

We used duct tape on the crossbar, used cam straps to support the legs, and added a third leg to the middle of the crossbar to bolster this Frankenstein of frames.

This was all part of Unit4media’s visual challenge for the first Wild & Scenic Film Festival in Ohiopyle, PA, August 8th, 2015. Unit4media handled the visual, audio, and marketing facets of the festival. Luckily, Ohiopyle’s Community Center had marvelous sound, so at least the audio aspect was easy!

West Virginia University Ohiopyle Unit4media

That West Virginia can-do attitude continued to help with setup the festival day. WVU freshmen volunteers scurried around, setting up the over 100 chairs in less than 30 seconds.

Wild and Scenic Ohiopyle Unit4media

Locals soon trickled in with their tie dye, river gear, and Teva and Chaco sandals. They bought Kleen Kanteen stainless steel pints and filled them with Bloom Brew’s delicious beers. Bloom offered everything from IPAs, to Irish stouts, to coconut kegs.

Wild and Scenic Ohiopyle Unit4media

Wild and Scenic Ohiopyle Unit4media

Wild and Scenic Ohiopyle Unit4media
Bloom operates off of the Yough, so the Youghiogheny Riverkeeper couldn’t ask for a more perfect union of do-good and brew-good.

Wild and Scenic Ohiopyle Unit4media

Catering to a hippie community, the Youghiogheny Riverkeeper had to offer hippie quality fare. Bright vegetable and hummus trays dotted the food display. Two large offerings of Out of the Fire’s smoked salmon were quickly gobbled up by the festival goers. Viola’s cookies, like their delicious little green pistachio, white chocolate delights, vanished sooner than the shortest film.Wild and Scenic Ohiopyle Unit4media

Smiles and soft conversations filtered between The Joint Commission. These allstars of acoustic rocked out for about two hours, giving happy ears to the happy bellies of the attendees.

Wild and Scenic Ohiopyle Unit4media

Wild and Scenic Ohiopyle Unit4media

Just before 8:00pm, Unit4media leapt into action. We switched from marketing mode, covering the night with photography and videography, to visual mode. Steve manned the projector and manhandled the main work. The lights shut off and the show turned on.

From sick mountain biking to the frightening facts behind fracking, the Wild & Scenic Film Festival covered a lot of ground in the extreme sports and conservation worlds.

The event raised the community’s awareness, and the Youghiogheny Riverkeeper’s funds for an in-house lab to test for Ecoli in the Youghiogheny’s waters. Films for safer swims? That’s a win-win!

Ohiopyle Wild and Scenic Unit4media

Unit4meida was honored to do their part to make the sights, sounds, and marketing of the festival possible. Keep up the good work, Youghiogheny Riverkeeper!

Can I have some of that Can-Do?

Want our can-do attitude working for you? We have the artists and equipment to meet your needs. Unit4media invests in the latest equipment in photography and videography. We bring the gib cranes, gimbals, sliders, video helicopters, lights and mics to capture and display you at your best. If you have audio, visual, and/or marketing needs, contact us! Our default is quality.

Contact Unit4media at unit4media@gmail.com or call 724-812-6679.


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